strana - inga utsläpp

No emissions

In order to achieve a sustainable future, it is necessary to think new. We can’t wait, so we’re thinking today. The environmental benefits of Strana’s electric boat become evident as soon as you turn the key. With electric power, local emissions are reduced completely. The change is immediate. If the electricity is produced from renewable energy, no, or at least very low, carbon dioxide emissions are obtained. The development of electrically powered transport solutions is accelerating and synergies are constantly increasing. E.g. the boats can be part of a network of renewable energy, in which they store energy when not in use at sea.

strana - ljuslös harmoni

Experience the silence

The first thing you turn off is the silence. Enjoy the freedom of the lake with nature as a backdrop, with no engine noise that interferes with the experience or the marine life. Enjoy the fresh air, without exhaust gases and pending odors. Enjoy life on the lake, without any negative impact on our environment. Glide silently through the archipelago, heading towards solar-warm cliffs. A day trip with socializing, swimming and fishing. A stay on the lake that can withstand being made over and over again.

strana - enastående komfort

Freedom in harmony with life

The benefits of electric power contribute to improved quality of life and a more harmonious stay at sea. But even more important is that they contribute to improved living conditions for marine life, both in and above the water. With Strana, the motorboat experience at sea is transformed into a nature experience. A cleaner experience for everyone. No disturbing noise, smelly exhaust or harmful emissions.