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Innovative design

Strana is designed by the Mannerfelt Design Team. They have created a boat with astonishing design without compromise on either function or environment. With its innovative thinking, it challenges all conventions on how a motor boat should look and behave. The focus has been to create a social platform for a sustainable lifestyle at sea. The hull is adapted from the first line of the pen for electric operation with the least possible environmental impact. The Mannerfelt Design Team has created an easy-to-operate hull with no planning threshold or swell. This combined with the advantages of the electric motor provides a boat with unbeatable comfort.

strana - designen

Mannerfelt Design Team

The company was founded in 1978 by Ocke Mannerfelt. They have hundreds of boat projects and 25 world championships, in offshore racing, in the back. The Mannerfelt Design Team is legendary in boat circles and is today widely known for its stylish design, innovative details and energy efficient hulls.

Ocke’s son, Ted, is the manager and now also MD. Ted started racing early and has won world championships in offshore racing. He studied at the Royal College of Art in London and then worked at Lotus Cars and Jaguar Advanced Design.

Ted has taken along the creative design process from the automotive industry and uses advanced CAD design tools to visualize his ideas. All designs that have left the Mannerfelt Design Team since 2006 have been based on Ted Mannerfelt’s design ideas.

The Mannerfelt Design Team has won numerous awards for its design. In 2009 they won, for example. RedDot Design Award. With the Rib boat Pzero 1400, designed for Pirelli, they won the ”Best of the best” in the transport category.